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Accu-Measure<sup>TM</sup> Body Fat Caliper (Model 68915)

Accu-MeasureTM Body Fat Caliper (Model 68915)

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Accu-Measure is a revolutionary device which allows a person to measure their own body fat percentage. Until now, body fat testing has been confined to health clubs or clinics where tests are inconvenient, time consuming, costly, and embarrassing for many people.

The Accu-Measure provides the ideal alternative. Despite its simplicity, the Accu-Measure is a registered medical device that has done exceedingly well under research scrutiny (13 studies) by some of the leading body composition experts in the world. Compared to the standard method of scientific testing (under water weighing), the studies by Dr. Bryant Stamford of the University of Louisville showed that the Accu-Measure had only a 1% difference!

Why bother to measure body fat? Don't we all have bathroom scales? Well... You can look slender and have unacceptably high body fat. Or you can tip the scale way beyond what's acceptable on a height/weight table and simply be so muscle-bound that your fat level is actually below average. Most importantly, monitoring body fat can help you track your progress on a weight reduction program. Or it can tell you if your exercise program is really adding muscle.

Once you've decided that your bathroom scale, your belt, or standing naked in front of a mirror won't tell the truth about how fat you really are... then try the Accu-Measure. Ship wt. 2 lbs.

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