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Seca Digital Scale (Model 69797) with EMR and Wi-Fi capabilities

Seca Digital Scale (Model 69797) with EMR and Wi-Fi capabilities

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Product Description

The Seca 797 column scale with eye-level display and Wi-Fi function is the perfect fit for seamless network integration of weight and height into your EMR system. In addition to the connectivity, the scale boasts a tilt-proof full metal platform and a stable single piece column with a display at eye-level. The convenient digital measuring rod makes weighing a quick and easy task. The generous two-line display shows weight and height simultaneously and automatically calculates the BMI. Identify patients with your connected USB scanner and send the measurements into the correctly assigned medical record. This workflow prevents transcription errors, ensures availability of all data and maximizes staff efficiency.


  • Medical-grade, robust scale for years of use with high patient volume
  • Digital measuring rod with an extra long measuring range
  • Two-line display shows height and weight
  • EMR validated with built-in WLAN module
  • Damping system and Auto-HOLD guarantee quick and precise weighing


  • Net weight: 28.4 lbs, 12.9 kg
  • kg/lbs switch-over: true
  • Product width: 16.1 inch, 410 mm
  • Product height: 53.4 inch, 1,356 mm
  • Product depth: 22.7 inch, 576 mm
  • Graduation: 100 g, 0.2 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 250 kg,n550 lbs

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