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The Importance of Heartrate

Your heart is the most important muscle in your body. In fact, it serves as a barometer for the rest of your body, telling you how hard you are exercising.

Wireless Heart Rate Monitors measure your cardiovascular and physiological stress during your training session. They provide you with an accurate gauge of the intensity of an exercise.

The intensity of any exercise is reflected in your heart rate. The harder you exercise, the higher the heart rate. Because hard work alone does not guarantee better results, it is important to exercise within your personal Target Heart Rate Zone.


 Wireless Heart Rate Monitors measure the electrical frequency of your heart, the number of beats per minute at which your heart is operating. In contrast, pulse meters (photo-reflectance models) use sensors to measure the mechanical pulse of blood flow through your capillaries, which is then converted into a beat-per-minute readout. Our Wireless Heart Rate Monitors are so accurate that readings obtained simultaneously by these monitors and by electrocardiogram (ECG) monitors are almost identical. This is not true for photo-reflectance monitors.


Wireless Heart Rate Monitors consist of a transmitter and a wrist receiver

The comfortable chest belt transmitter picks up the electrical pulse from your heart and transmits it to the wrist receiver. Wireless transmission ensures complete freedom of movement while cycling or during other exercise. The realtime heart rate display allows you to undertake a scientific training program at precise, predetermined intensities.