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MONARK 828E Professional Ergometer (Model 65100)

MONARK 828E Professional Ergometer (Model 65100)

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  •   Compatible with wireless (Polar) H.R. sensors

  •   LCD Display: Workload, Time, Speed & Distance

  •   Large (49 lb) Flywheel For Smooth Pedaling

  •   Easily Recalibrated 0 - 7KP (350 watts)

Our best selling professional-grade ergometer. Ideal for high-use Sports/Medicine facilities, for recording cardiograms during graded exercise tests, physiotherapy, and evaluating sports training. Features heavy duty construction, transport wheels, and quick set adjustment of seat height, handlebar height and angle. Large (49 pound) flywheel provides very smooth operation. The pendulum scale is easy to calibrate and set work load resistance in Newtons or KP and brake power in watts at 50 & 60 rpm. Includes LCD display of work load readings, time, speed, pedal rpm, & distance. It also shows heart rate when used with a wireless heart rate sensor. 18Wx44Lx35-44"H; weight, 120 lbs. 

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MONARK 827E -- Robust Club Cycle (Model 65145)

Our most popular exercise bike for intensive use in institutions. Has adjustable tension knob for the desired workout effort. It's compatible with wireless H.R. sensors and has an electronic display of: pedal RPM, cycling time, speed, and distance traveled. (Looks like 828E above, less pendulum & scale.)

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