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New! Gulick II Sani-System Tape Measure

The Sani-SystemTM is our newest version of our Gulick II Tape Measures. It features a fresh, new tape for each person for unquestionable sanitation.

One of the benefits of being a removable/disposable system is that each individual tape can be give away for use as a take-home incentive trainer or progress verifier. Our tapes easily accept permanent markers (or ball point pens). Both the printed side (with dual scales) and the blank back side can be marked with current measurements. Goals and instructions can be inscribed along with arrows indicating the direction of improvement -- a very useful guide for continued improvement.

Gulick II Sani-SystemTM  tapes are not ordinary, stiff paper --  they are engineered, flexible tapes with crisp, accurate markings in both inches and centimeters. Tapes are 60 inches long, but can be easily cut to any desired length. Tape markings extend to the edges to facilitate easier and more accurate readings.

The most important part of all the Gulick II  Tape Measures is its tensioning device, which provides a known amount of tension while a measurement is being taken. Each individual tensioning device is calibrated to our factory standard. All Gulick II Tape Measures use a stainless-steel compression spring -- this guarantees that the calibration will last a lifetime, since it is impossible to "over-compress" a spring of this type. And since this precision spring is made of stainless-steel, it will never rust or corrode -- again ensuring the accuracy of all Gullick II Tape Measures for a lifetime!

If an ordinary tape measure (without the individually calibrated tension device) is used to measure arm circumference (for example), the measurement will depend on how tightly the tape is pulled. If you pull harder and harder, tissue compression will be greater and greater, and the measured circumference will become smaller and smaller. Two consecutive measurements are usually quite different. If two or more people take the same measurement, the results rarely agree. It is clear that only by applying a constant tension (as all the Gulick II Tape Measures do), can accurate and repeatable measurements be taken.

Remember to specify "Gulick II Tape Measures" for unrivaled accuracy and repeatability.