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Gulick II Plus Tape Measure (Model 67019)

Gulick II Plus Tape Measure (Model 67019)

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The perfect tape measure for use with people with larger, non-muscular body dimensions. See “The best device for Cardiometabolic Risk Assessment” below.


  • Individually calibrated for absolute accuracy

  • Applies a constant tension to the measuring tape

  • Repeatable measurements

  • Measurements are user independent

  • Compression Spring lasts a lifetime -- won't stretch

  • Polyester reinforced tape (non-stretch &pliable)

  • Tape is 5/8 inches wide, 120 inches long

  • Includes convenient clip-on lanyard


This "Plus" model of our Gulick II tape measures features a wider retractable tape. And as always, every Gulick II tape measure makes it easy for anyone to accurately and repeatably measure various body dimensions. It eliminates the guesswork by applying a known amount of tension to the measuring tape. Therefore, accurate measurements are possible no matter who is doing the measuring.

If an ordinary tape measure (without our proprietary tension indicator device) is used to measure arm circumference (for example), the measurement will depend on how tightly the tape is pulled. If you pull harder and harder, tissue compression will be greater and greater, and the measured circumference will become smaller and smaller. Two consecutive measurements are usually quite different. If two or more people take the same measurement, the results rarely agree. It is clear that only by applying a constant tension (as all the Gulick II Tape Measures do), can accurate and repeatable measurements be taken. The self-retracting tape is kept at the desired length until the retract button is pushed.

The most important part of the Gulick II Plus Tape Measure is its tensioning device, which provides a known amount of tension while a measurement is being taken. Each individual tensioning device is calibrated to our factory standard. The Gulick II Plus uses a stainless-steel compression spring -- this guarantees that the calibration will last a lifetime, since it is impossible to "over-compress" a spring of this type. And since this precision spring is made of stainless-steel, it will never rust or corrode -- again insuring the accuracy of the Gullick II Plus Tape Measure for a lifetime!

Black Retractable Tape Body 

has super-smooth 

retractable action.


The Gulick II Plus Tape Measure uses a 5/8 inch wide, 120 inch long, no-stretch, polyester reinforced, retractable tape with both centimeter and inch gradations. The tape is non-metallic to avoid the discomfort of a cold object touching the skin. It is ideal for measuring larger, non-muscular body types. The wide tape is easier to position and less prone to sliding into tissue folds. This extra-long tape facilitates measurements on large individuals. Includes a convenient clip-on lanyard which allows you to hang it around your neck. Ship wt. 2 lbs.



The best device for Cardiometabolic Risk Assessment

The Gulick II Plus Tape measure is recognized as the clinical measurement device of choice for cardiometabolic risk assessment by the International Chair on Cardiometabolic Risk, Centre de recherche de l'Institut universitaire de cardiologie et de pneumologie de Québec Canada

Waist Circumference Measurement Guidelines...

You can easily access the video animation of waist circumference by clicking on the following link: 

Be sure to select "Measurement by a Healthcare Professional"


The information presented by the International Chair on Cardiometabolic Risk is a valuable resource. We recommend that you visit the website, view the video, and download the PDF documents presented there.



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