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BIOFREEZE<sup®</sup> -- Professional Pain Relief that works!

BIOFREEZE -- Professional Pain Relief that works!

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(with ILEX -- a South American Herbal)


  • Back & Neck Pain
  • Hip and Leg Pain
  • Shoulder-Arm Pain
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Painful Joints

...and pain from:

  • Arthritis/Tendonitis
  • Sports Injury
  • Strained Muscles

BIOFREEZE® relieves pain by creating a cooling sensation within the skin. Because it contains the South American herbal ILEX, users report a deeper, longer lasting pain relief than conventional cooling gels. The cooling effect increases healing through relaxation of stiff and aching muscles.

Most users report that after an initial cooling sensation, they feel a gentle, deep-penetrating warmth with greatly reduced pain, or no pain at all. Though not a "cure in a bottle", BIOFREEZE® does soothe sore muscles, allowing the body to heal itself more readily.

Those who benefit the most from its use are those who suffer from back pain, muscle spasms, arthritis and tendonitis. BIOFREEZE® is preferred by weight trainers, professional athletes, sports enthusiasts, those who have a tendency to overuse or misuse their muscles.

Many Health Care Professionals recommend that their patients use BIOFREEZE® for maximum pain relief between office visits.


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